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How It Works – Customers

For Our Customers

We have enjoyed over 12 years of putting on sales and getting to know an endless array of customers! We look forward to catching up with our ongoing shoppers and meeting new ones every week, every sale offers something new and we’re as excited to explore the contents as you are to venture through the finished product!

Recommendations Before The Sale

  • We start posting photos and details on Wednesdays and continue throughout Thursday. There’s usually so much to discover, it takes us a full 4 days to uncover, clean and stage items. We send out emails Wednesday evenings with information so we suggest joining our email list!

During The Sale

How It Works – Customers

 Normally the homes we work in will be filled to the brim! Remember, we take EVERYTHING out of cabinets, storage closets and even attics and display it ALL throughout the home, garage and yard. It’s best to avoid wearing bulky clothing and carrying large handbags/backpacks. We have a “You Break, You Buy” rule and we don’t want you to accidentally knock into an item. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get there right when we open you will be amongst several other shoppers who are excitedly racing through the home as well so please be courteous and conscientious of fellow enthusiasts.

 We provide shopping baskets at the entrance and a “Sold Table” at checkout for breakable items, we recommend you use both to your advantage. Larger or more delicate pieces will normally have a large tag for you to pull off if you’re 100% sure you want to purchase. Our rule, regardless of who entered first or spotted the item first, is “If You Have The Tag-You Get To Buy The Item”. This is why we suggest you have a photo of item or clear description. Any jewelry or super valuable item will be at or close to checkout.

How It Works – Customers

After The Sale

How It Works – Customers

 If you’ve purchased an item that needs to be picked up at a later date, our general rule of thumb is that pickup needs to happen one hour prior to end of day one or anytime between opening of day 2 through one hour prior to closing on day 2. Sometimes we can schedule pickup outside of these set times, you can inquire upon purchasing.

No one is allowed on property after the sale’s official end time. Please remember that this is private property before, during and after the sale.

We go OUT OF OUR WAY to make your sale SAFE, PROFESSIONAL, SUCCESSFUL and FUN for everyone who attends! We can’t wait for you to become one of “regulars”! Estate Sales are a blast and a great way to keep not only legacy and history alive but a fantastic and very enjoyable way to promote sustainable living and pass on wonderful stories through generations to come!

How It Works – Customers
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